Geri's Genes

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day

The background photo is of Cranndillon (Dillon Rd) in Virginia, Cavan County, Ireland. In 2006 mom took my Gram back to Ireland a second time. In hopes of really finding the place that John Dillon left, almost 200 years ago. While on their trip they happened to meet a Dillon family, right there in Cavan County. If a relation exists we are not certain at this time but there is a great possibility to find out. Walking down Crannadillon, from left, John Dillon, Gram (Alice Dillon Kreiter), John's wife Margaret, my Mom Ellen Neumann and the boy is a friends son Mathew O'Driscoll. The local historian, Peter Smith, of Cranadillon, Virginia, Cavan County, Ireland was able to tell us that in fact there were Dillon's in this area. Unknown to anyone was this road, so well travelled by, and was called Crannadillon, translated Dillon road. Who would have thought. That our Dillon's, who came to America, for a better life in 1850, did not leave with out a mark. John Dillon's family history in Ireland is almost vanished, but this road gives up hope that we may find more truths of what happened to our ancestors so long ago. Adorning this photo are shamrocks and pictures of John Dillon and his wife Mary Welsh. Though they have left this earth many, many years ago their legacy is eternal. From them have been born many generations of proud American's who never forgot from whence they came and are able walk the same roads they walked.