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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Luella M. Dillon

Luella M. Dillon, wife of William Dillon, was born on this day January 14, 1865 in Morton, Illinois. She might be one of the lesser known relatives on the tree but to me she is of great importance. William Dillon was the seventh child born to John and Mary Dillon of Mongaup Valley, New York. William worked with his elder brother John J. Dillon, owner and editor of the Rural New Yorker agriculture magazine in New York City. William married Luella later in life and they adopted one daughter named Clare. William was successful with his career and established a home for his family in Westchester County, NY. Not much is known about Luella and her life before marriage to William except for that she was born in Illinois and her father was from Ireland and mother was from Illinois. This picture of Luella is from a US passport application that she and William applied for in the spring of 1922 for a trip to Europe. She became widowed in 1930. I discovered a ship manifest for September 1935 when Luella and Clare made a voyage to Sweden. In the future I will research her maiden name and I would like to know what happened to Luella and her daughter after 1935.

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  1. What an interesting story! this is the kind of stuff that gets you hooked!!! Thanks for sharing! I sure hope you're able to track her down and find out what became of her.