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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Beatrice & George Neumann

Twins Beatrice and George Neumann were born on this day January 13, 1911, in New York City to Alfred and Anita Neumann. Several years ago I had a chance to travel to San Diego, California and meet Celia Sanbrano, granddaughter of Beatrice. She showed me a rather old and tiny photograph of two small children sitting on the bottom step of an apartment building in New York City. The photo had seen better days. Celia let me take it home back to New York and I did my magic with photo retouching and brought it back to life. You can clearly see a pacifier on a string around one of the childrens neck.
Most of the Neumann family moved to California in the 30's - 40's, for reasons I don't know at this time. Beatrice married and became a mother and grandmother and passed away in 2002. George was in the US Army and married and moved to Maine. He passed away in 1979. I don't know if he has any living descendents.
Happy birthday in heaven Beatrice & George. You are gone but not forgotten.

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